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I get HTTP 429 when I try to share something from researchgate. Is that still a user-agent thing or it's because researchgate somehow blocks sharing the links?


HTTP status 429 means that there were too many requests to the service from Mokum server IP address in some time interval (say for an hour or a day), this is known as rate/load limiting. however the service might indicate blocking sharing in this way too

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That's what I thought. YouTube has a limitation based on the user-agent. IIRC mokum had issues about that beforehand, but it's possible to get over it. In this specific case, I do not think that there may be too many shares from researchgate on mokum. It seems like a way of blocking in a meaningless fashion.

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@thef: I'm afraid this is some kind of idiotic scraping prevention measure. I tried changing user-agent, but to no avail. It loads perfectly from my home connection.

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