We attempted to move one of the system components to a different server, and failed horribly. During last couple of hours many posts did not bump properly in your newsfeeds. This change was reverted, and all posts created for past 2 hours were reprocessed. Sorry!
BTW, just noticed that the comment made ~30 minutes ago to the 3-month-old post have not bumped it. Moreover, it looks like this comment is out of the search scope. ‎· приходите шестого таргелия
Well, this ^ comment have not bumped the post on my main page (+ have not brought it to My discussions) and out of the search scope, too. ‎· приходите шестого таргелия
@oobyvatel: which post was it? (if it's private — send me direct message). ‎· псы в рапиде
Same issue here. This is a private post I commented. Listed on "My Comments" but not in "My Discussions" https://mokum.place/thef/403102 ‎· serdar cartman
Another one: Commented on this post, not in My Discussions or My Comments: https://mokum.place/fridafemen/403380 ‎· serdar cartman
@scartman: thanks for the report — it was the fallout from from trying to fix another problem. The queue has clogged, and I'm clearing it up, it should be done in 30 minutes or somethings. Sorry about that. Proper fix and monitoring will be implemented next week. Thanks! ‎· псы в рапиде
NP, have fun with that... ‎· serdar cartman
Right in time! They arrived into the discussions stream :) ‎· serdar cartman
@squadette: Both (https://mokum.place/oobyvatel/123579, https://mokum.place/mokum-support/402192) have been already bumped and in My discussions now, but the comments are still not searchable. E. g., try to find https://mokum.place/mokum-support/402192#c1362767 with "just noticed" search. (Maybe it's OK and they are still on their way to be indexed soon...) ‎· приходите шестого таргелия