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As of tonight, we're about to reach 290.000 feeds on mokum. Do you have any plans for the 300.000th? That would be nice, I suppose.
you mean posts, riight. Thanks for the reminder! Well, we usually celebrate the round IDs, using #GET hashtag, because it's hard to keep track of the count because it constantly changes and it's non-trivial to find out (because of the archive posts and deletions). As for celebrating, most probably we'll just have another round of #cheersmokum. :) ‎- псы в рапиде
Oh, I forgot the Project Osiris. But I'm pretty sure it would not be a hard thing to find out the post. By "plans" I meant something more like the April fools day actions, or maybe with an announcement for all the users and communities. Who knows? ‎- f.
@thef: 300k posts is not cool. you know what's cool? 1M posts. ‎- псы в рапиде
By the way, 2M comments are expected rather soon (in a week or two I guess). Upd.: Or not if https://mokum.place/about/stats are correct and I'm just confused about #c-IDs. ‎- локализация как перевод продукта
^ we've missed 1M comments about a month ago. or not https://mokum.place/mokum/606480 ‎- operazioni di FAP

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