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hi guys. i'm new here. i was part of the turkish ff community. is there anybody can explain the situation here, i mean when did started, why we did not hear about it until now etc.? also is this an opensource project, how you pay for expenses, how can we contribute? anyway, i don't mean to interrogate you, i'm very happy to be here. thanks everyone.
yay, finally the turks! it's been few months now, everything keeps improving and our russian friends have been very friendly when the italian ff community flooded mokum. complaints and kudos go to @squadette and his team, who created mokum so we don't feel so lost on the internet anymore <3 ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
thanks buddy, although i feel a bit resented that you're enjoying here all by yourself until now :P ‎· cifadam
@cifadam, glad to see you here :) 1) Mokum development started on May 11th, 2015; 2) we kinda flew under the radar so far, because we were not sure if we could handle the load (which was demonstrated for couple of weeks when our Italian friends arrived); however, now we're running on quite a beefy server, so I'm pretty sure we could handle your community; 3) this is not an open source project at the moment; 4) we had a three days fundraising campaign which gathered enough money to keep Mokum running until at least April/May, and I guess that we'll be able to continue for quite some time 5) create your accounts, look around, and let's see how it goes. Thanks, ‎· псы в рапиде
I feel you, @cifadam. but we knew it was only a matter of time :) ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
last question: what's the connection between and ? or is there any connection? ‎· cifadam
@cifadam: (uhm, this question is huge) uhm, yes, there is a connection. and uhm, it's complicated, and, uhm, the situation is still in progress. ‎· псы в рапиде
i mean are these two seperate channels, is freefeed going on as well? ‎· cifadam
@cifadam: yes, freefeed is going on. ‎· псы в рапиде
\o/ I feel like I've found my lost home again! ‎· ves.
\o/ I feel like I've found my lost home again! ‎- ves. ‎· dilson
@squadette thanks for your answers and patience :) ‎· cifadam
@cifadam: you're very welcome. Feel free to ask any questions, Mokum has lots of features, bugs, and inconsistencies. ‎· псы в рапиде
Turkey, welcome to Mokum!!! ‎· denistsyplakov
\o/ ‎· cifadam
Welcome guys! ‎· всё это хуйня
<3 ‎· ves.
^^ this! ‎· Arefiev
Time to create group @Türkiye ? ‎· denistsyplakov
definitely ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
I got this one ready for September, but still Mokum hoşgeldiniz! :) ‎· Count Caturday
(sorry, i'm drunk, reeeally drunk - so whatever i say is solely my own, so blame it on me) we are not the team of @squadette, but we are the russian community built around his effort (and who didn't find frEEfeed experience satisfying), but we help his effort whichever way we can. is a separate project with completely different chain of command, source code and whatever, but with a lot of social links within a russian ex-friendfeed community. if you are not russian (which you are not), don't bother and enjoy. ‎· Inflated Dead Dolphin Dick
Oh. This is a real clone. Hello guys/pals. I'm not sure what to feel right now. ‎· fsniper
this feed is the best. ‎· feliz
\o/ I feel like I've found my lost home again! ‎- ves. ‎- dilşont +1 Thank you for making this site, really great work and thanks for all the welcome messages, we're all thrilled to be BACK here! ‎· tahta itici
\o/ I feel like I've found my lost home again! ‎ Thank you for For Your for making This Great Site ‎· §╠╣/~\╠╣R /~\ /\/\ ♛