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why can't we post to other people's feed as well as ours? It is good to share feeds sometimes :)
you ask too much jon snow :D ‎· cifadam
:D ‎· cicürgız
adding your own feed to a DM to one or more people should do the trick. Or were you thinking something different? ‎· Brixie
@brixie: could you create a group for that? ‎· псы в рапиде
it was different actually. I want a feed to be both sent to my home feed and one of my subscribers' feed. ‎· cicürgız
@squadette, I think that it depends which is the final purpose of this request from Cicigiz. If they need to discuss a specific topic, for sure a group it's the solution. If it's just a one time discussion you want to start with defined people, and still have it public, a multi recipient DM could work (at least, I feel this is what we were doing back on FF) ‎· Brixie
@cicigiz: well, at some point I'll try to make it possible to post to your feed _and_ as direct message to somebody, as it was in Old Frf. Right now my primary concern is that the posting form is too heavy and complicated and this could lead to dangerous mistakes (especially on mobile phones). ‎· псы в рапиде
@cicigiz, then I feel the multi recipient DM probably it's what you're lookig for (and you can create it starting from the DM section, not from your home) ‎· Brixie
then it won't show on my home feed? not what I'm looking for, but thanks anyway :) ‎· cicürgız
( @cicigiz if you subscribe to my feed I can try to show what I was thinking, DM only works if we're mutual friends) ‎· Brixie
@brixie: OK :) ‎· cicürgız
ok, so @squadette knew it best ;-) ‎· Brixie