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I'm sure it is in the to do list but this whiteness and bright screen make our eyes hurt :) when will we have themes? o/
fav'a yumulalim arkadaslar. ‎· nmcy
do you want duck with that? ‎· псы в рапиде
didn't get that, sorry.@псы в рапиде ‎· cicürgız
Zhuuhauhahuhzuuha duck :) That would be the best thing since the sliced bread! ‎· fsniper
@squadette oh. OK now :)) well it doesn't have to be that complicated :) being able to upload an image will be the best but if it's too much of a trouble then having a few more colour options will work just fine I think :))) ‎· cicürgız
@cicigiz: Adding an image as a background to your feed page is in todo list. We can implement support for themes, but we need, uhm, themes :) So if some of you can create appealing themes as CSS files, they could be added to Mokum. ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette you're the most legendary russian guy i know by far, after LENIN of course... o/ ‎· coffee and cigarettes
@squadette well if I knew anything about how to make a theme then I'd be on it. But maybe someone will see this post and decide to give a hand, who knows :))) ‎· cicürgız
@coffeeandcigarettes: hope I won't get embalmed. ‎· псы в рапиде
after LENIN of course... o/ ‎- coffee and cigarettes ‎· ex-emrebilgili