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What is the intended use of `fav`? And what is the difference between that and `like`? Is that for posts that are like "something we deem important but not something we enjoy from"? Or is it a placeholder for some different future purpose?
In short it is an anonymous like. And it does not propagate the post to your friends' feeds. ‎· newtover
It also works as a bookmark ‎· Brixie
@newtover: oh! never though of that one :) ‎· Koray AI
@newtover: got it! so we use it for stuff that we liked/wanted to keep and do not want other people to know that we liked/wanted to keep it. like porn. ‎· Koray AI
it works as bookmark because you have "my favs" on the right column where you can find all your favs. so if you use it wisely it can be very useful to find stuff. ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
@lucretia: there is also a `my likes` link. since I both like my likes and favs, maybe they should be combined while listing. or if we want to use navs as a personal library, maybe we should be able to optionally #tag them to navigate better in the future. I know I'm being an hardass sorry, but I'm thinking what will happen after I have 2000 likes and navs. I will most probably first think if "I liked that or nav'd that" :) I'm trying to put a meaning to a feed which I both liked and nav'd ‎· Koray AI
yeah, of course. but I assume that you like things very easily (I mean, I do, like hundreds of times more than I fav), while fav can be used wisely like a bookmark to easily find things you may want to look at again in the future. a like, to me, is just a like, so I have thousands of those. ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
Many people use fav as "read later". So, it's a bookmark, but less permanent. ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette so do they remove the nav after reading it? (I'm asking this question because I have about a thousand material in my Pocket/Feedly etc. app that are tagged read-it-later, and only Pocket has something like a `read this one` tag, you just move it to archive) then maybe we need an archive button for stuff that are nav'd but then read :P ‎· Koray AI
@korayal: I don't really know. I believe there could be many different usage strategies. The 'fav' feature is so generic and unassuming that it (almost) has no policy, just the mechanism (although that will change a bit: I'm going to make it so that you will only see +N when N > 5. The idea is that we should separate use case of somebody randomly adding a post to "read later" from many people faving the post because it is useful/memorable). ‎· псы в рапиде
I use fav for posts which I like but don't want to see them every time I check "my discussions". Like "ok I like it but not interested in further comments". For example a cute cat video. I believe this is a more common case than willing to anonymously like something. For this case I would like my name to be listed in the "likes" of the post, simply to increase the like count of the post which I appreciated. I believe this wouldn't harm users who use it for bookmarking purposes as well. I assume that this would increase the usage of this feature. ‎· Barışnikov