I'm thinking about automatically detecting the main language for every post, to make "Best Of" and "Everything" useful again. The primary open source implementation seems to be https://github.com/shuyo/language-detection but it's not updated since March 2014 (although I don't think this would be a problem). Does anybody have positive experience using this code, or alternative suggestions? Thanks, #mokum-dev #mokum-done
What happens to code switchers such as ваш покорный? ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev
^ more than one language should be detected; the prevailing wins, unless it's English. ‎· 9000
@bylin: we can't use third-party APIs because of direct messages/private feeds. thanks, ‎· псы в рапиде
@kaznacheev: inconclusive cases will be ignored: best_of/everything are stochastic anyway, and not required to be complete. ‎· псы в рапиде
gotcha ‎· былин
@squadette What are you going to do once you have detected a post's language? Separate best_of/everything for each language? ‎· declassified cat pics
will there be a multi-select tool to choose which languages to see on a personal "best of"? (or is it gonna be somehow limited to languages (prevalent) in your feed/subscriptions?) ‎· Inflated Dead Dolphin Dick
I think English should be handled as a special case. :-) ‎· declassified cat pics
@mudak: btw, yes, there should be "I understand the following languages: ..." setting, and user-level best_of/everything would be the aggregate of all of those. right. ‎· псы в рапиде
@piggymouse1: why, and how? ‎· псы в рапиде