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FYI : when i trying to to post a comment or feed it keeps saying "internal server error" i think there is a problem / ne zaman yorum girmeye çalışsam yada feed açamya çalışsam internal server error diyip duruyor mokum bana
the second one is the turkish part of what i am saying. ‎· yormayinbeni
mokum has a surge of new users, so the servers are under a strain ‎· Inflated Dead Dolphin Dick
thnx you mate. i just wanna inform you about that issue. ‎· yormayinbeni
i've seen admins writing that the issue should be fixed by now. please, check if you still have the problem ‎· Inflated Dead Dolphin Dick
Nope mate theres no problem thank you great work ‎· yormayinbeni
thanks to developers, i've just translated what they discussed ‎· Inflated Dead Dolphin Dick