Okay, everyone, I'm bringing you the party. As some of you may have noticed by visiting "Everything", during the last 12 hours we had +300 new accounts from Farsi-speaking old Friendfeed community. Welcome! P.S.: We had brief outage around lunch hour, but @haron fixed those.
سلام جیگر ‎· حوسین
Yeaaah ‎· ♕Dr. Eynollah ♕
Needless to say that we all love you right now. thsnks for this awesomeness ‎· نیالا
اجرت با آغا ‎· marzieh poorrahimy
ما بیشماریم ✌ ‎· مـِـهدی❆
Just inform us if you need a hand for Persian UI ‎· Nima
Thanks ‎· Mamad
we all thank you for the mokum, except Karim, we hate Karim ‎· javadoo
@nima: Actually, yes, I want to understand how to properly handle RTL UI. I'll take a look at your user scripts which change the direction of controls, and will try to replicate that on Mokum. Do you want this as a setting for every user, or it can be RTL if this post is written in Farsi, and LTR if not? Do you need the right column to be on the left? Thanks! ‎· псы в рапиде
Thanks! ‎· Morteza K.
Thank you for this place. :) ‎· M∂s♥ud
Thanks, thanks, thanks , ... ‎· Noosha
Thank you very much and good luck :) ‎· Amoon ╭•⊰✿
I glad for being here! It's a great pleasure for us that have a new friendfeed and new friends like you. Meysam, The minister of foreign relations of Persian friendfeed ;). ‎· شاپور
@squadette: The right Column is not a matter. The only problem is right adjustment. There are already RTL style for Mokum but I believe Persian user are able to help you to make a RLT css or whatever. I can help you to translate words and sentences ‎· Nima
@squadette: Had a look to these styles: https://userstyles.org/styles/browse/mokum ‎· Nima
thanks a lot for this awesome website. we really appreciate it. it was an amazing surprise and you cannot imagine how happy it made all of us ‎· Myri∂m
@shapourkhan: oh wow, the minister of foreign relations. And I'm sitting here eating pasta with cheese, I don't have my official outfit on (with https://mokum.place/favicon.ico on epaulettes). I need to get dressed ASAP for this official event. ‎· псы в рапиде
Thanks for this site :) ‎· Hadi.Yalin
@nima: okay thanks. UI translation is in the todo list. ‎· псы в рапиде
It's a joke man! :D ‎· شاپور
Hi, Many Thanks for this great and awesome place. You made all of us really happy, and it was the best surprise for me and all of my old friends. Again, THANK YOU. :) ‎· RokhSaare
Thanks :) ‎· alinba
thanks dear ‎· حســـــــنے
Thanks :-) ‎· reza
Thank you! It was a great surprise and we are loving it. ‎· Medad Rangi
Will you subscribe to my feed please? ‎· نیالا
دیمبالی دیمبو دیمبالی دیمبووو :))) ‎· میر آق دایی آرش جونی ®© ™
Yeah Man. we are here ... the life of friendfeed! shame on facebook ,we wont forget that stupid move ‎· Hamed Malek
Wellcome guys ‎· yormayinbeni