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For absolutely no reason at all Mokum suddenly has a privacy policy: If you have any questions or suggestions please comment here or in @support. Thanks.


You didn't think you could escape this in Mokum, did you?

 ‎· псы в рапиде 7

You're not going to send us e-mails about this twice a day? :(

 ‎· jörmün 4

@jormungand: What good is email address if you have no consent, Mr. Anderson?

 ‎· псы в рапиде 20

"IP address of every page and URL access" took me some time to decipher properly. It likely means "IP address from which an access to any page was made, and the page's URL".

 ‎· 9000 2

@9000: you're worrying about all the wrong things. Better think about this one: "When your account is purged, your email address will be erased."

 ‎· sober, steady, good provider 6

Possibly relevant:

 ‎· John B.

You forgot the obvious one: The content of any post or comment you make on the service, how long you keep backups of them, who you share that content with (link to instructions related to privacy controls, private subfeeds, etc.) You should also link to Google Analytics privacy policy in the appropriate section.

 ‎· April 3

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