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We need to do regular "did you know" reminders about Mokum features. The topic for today is "private subfeed". Please share/translate this link for your community if you think this could be useful. Even if you have a public account, you can have another sub-feed, which is always private. You can enable your private sub-feed on "Settings" page. You can post to your private sub-feed by clicking at "Private sub-feed" link in the right column (or at the bottom, if you're on a mobile device). You can request subscription to other people's private sub-feed if you know its URL.
You can invite users to your private sub-feed on your "Settings" page, see "Invite users to your private sub-feed" section. The user must be already subscribed to your primary account. You can see people subscribed to your private sub-feed at your "Subscribers" page. You can unsubscribe people from your private sub-feed there (and they will not get any notification about this). If you're subscribed to someone's private sub-feed, you can see who else is subscribed at the bottom of their "Subscribers" page. ‎· псы в рапиде
great, thanx ‎· aralık
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