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Mokum budget update: we've spent all the euro part of last year's donations. We spend almost exactly €200 per month, averaged for the last 13 months (it did not change since the last report). 50% of Bitcoin donations (0.10615 BTC) was sold on October 20th which resulted in €582.98. This will be enough till the end of 2018. Then the rest of Bitcoin donations will be sold and this hopefully will be enough till 2038 or, in the more probable case, till March 2019. So, the next fundraising event will happen around February. Thank you for your support! Updated financial report: #mokum-budget


Weirdly, I was just about to ask about this. Thanks for the update!

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@libskrat: Halloween's coming!

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Update: I forgot to mention, sorry: on January 3, 2019 the rest of bitcoin (0.10615 BTC) was sold for €348.20. Update: report updated

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Let us know when the fundraiser starts. :)

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@libskrat: it's on

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