Angelo Ghigi » posted to mokum
Something I'd really like is JK-navigation (and keyboard shortcuts in general, like [H]ide, [L]ike, [N]ext page, [P]revious page, [C]omment)
What about focus? If I see several posts on the page and press "L" which one should be "liked"? ‎· адский хардлайн в засаде
The last one selected by J/K, like in Facebook or tumblr ‎· Angelo Ghigi
focus could be explicit, with visible borders around posts, like it was done in Google Reader. I like the idea of keyboard shortcuts, it's soooo old-school. ‎· псы в рапиде
exactly! ‎· Angelo Ghigi
And something for the non-qwerty users too then ‎· Count Caturday