There is now "Hide FOAF" checkbox on your Settings page, which hides your friends' likes and comments from your home feed. This is temporary solution, but hopefully it will make life better for some. If you need something else wrt this feature — please comment, because I personally won't use this and so I don't really know how it should work. Thanks,
todo: "(commented by ...)" and "(liked by ...)" should probably be hidden also when this checkbox is ticked. ‎· псы в рапиде
for me the use case is like this: i have close friends and i want to see their likes and comments in my home feed. there are also people whose feeds i want to see but i don't want to see the feeds they liked or commented on. so it would be great if it could be enabled only for a subset of friends. ‎· galadnikov
@galadnikov: there will be proper subscription lists for that. This is just something that I could implement in 20 minutes. ‎· псы в рапиде
looking forward to it. thanks. :) ‎· galadnikov
@galadnikov: you can go to peoples' likes/comments feeds (e.g. and unsubscribe from them only, while still keeping their posts in your feed. A bit cumbersome, but works. (UPD. that's explained here in your post as well: ‎· Ryssen kommer!
yeah i am using that. when @squadette said that he doesn't know how it should work i just wanted to explain a general use case. ‎· galadnikov