why doesn't mokum have a mobile app? it is very fraking much needed i think.
not sure that @squadette had already the time to develop it ‎· Nick
maybe he/she may let other people do the job? ‎· fuck me without a breath
The mobile site (i.e. the same site as browsed through a mobile browser) seems quite adequate to me, as it was the old FriendFeed on mobile. Given the nature of the service a fully responsive site seems a better bet than an app. In which areas you believe it should be improved? ‎· Braga
mokum API is well known. So anybody could create a mobile app. Or two. ‎· Все собаки попадают в рай
I would love to see the guy who did FFhound port it to Mokum ‎· Koray AI
I would love to see the guy who did FFhound port it to Mokum ‎- Koray AI ‎· fuck me without a breath
@abragad, as far as I remember, the old FF on mobile was not the same as this one. Actually, it was designed for iPhones only and that's why I never used it. Also, I didn't say it should be improved. Of course, to make it look like FFhound or something, it should be improved but the mobile site doesn't look like "mobile" right now. It's just a smaller version of the desktop site. I think an app would be more suitable for people who log in from their mobile devices. Maybe even a tablet version of it? CAN SOMEBODY DO THAT? I'll pay if required, I promise. ‎· fuck me without a breath
In addition, the mobile site is slow. Very slow. (I'm on Galaxy S5 with the latest version of Chrome, accessing the internetz with 35 mbps connection but it's still slow.) ‎· fuck me without a breath
On my crappy android phone and 3g connection Mokum is quite fast, ymmv ‎· [object Subject]
@jeaquares: First, I heard from four different people who started development of Mokum client (two for iOS, two for Android). None of the projects have public repos so far, and no releases. We all know that having mobile applications for Mokum would be really nice to have. I personally don't have time and necesary skills. I still hope that prototype authors will find the time and publish something that could be picked up by the community. ‎· псы в рапиде
@jeaquares: I can't "let" anyone to do that job — someone has to stand up and just do it :) A month ago I published call to action: https://mokum.place/mokum/251696, I don't really know if that motivated anyone :) ‎· псы в рапиде
@korayal: yes, I can implement the Frf-compatible API in Mokum, and hopefully it could be used to re-create FFhound. Again, we need someone who would be able to do that — we could work together on that. ‎· псы в рапиде
@jeaquares: you gave me an idea. Maybe there is really an option to crowdfund the Mokum mobile clients? I would need to think about that — it's looks like quite manageable task, although non-trivial, of course. ‎· псы в рапиде
@jeaquares: Speaking of slow: this is complicated question. Mokum has a lot of inefficiencies, which I'm working on. However, speed can sometimes be subjective and/or specific to the user's situation (device-specific, etc.). I think I'm going to create the anonymous survey for people who have speed issues with Mokum, and ask them to describe what exactly "feels" slow or _is_ slow. A lot of people use Mokum daily on mobile devices, and for many of them it is fast enough. But yes, we need to analyze this and make some targeted improvements. I'll get back to that, thank you. ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette: Well you explained and answered perfectly, I'll start by thanking you for that. :) I wasn't here a month ago, so I didn't see that call of yours, I've just liked that feed and will be checking any updates from now on. About that four different people, it'll be nice if they open up their repos so maybe other users with necessary skills may help those projects to come to life. In this case, I'm guessing that you're kinda in charge (even though it's a community job), so maybe you can encourage those people to share their code. About crowdfunding: If I'm not mistaken, FFHoundroid cost me about 2 dollars; so, personally I'm willing to pay that much again. Since it's needed, other people would be willing to fund something like that - if the coders demand it. I guess you meant to pay while apps are in development but not after. If that's the case, it's still OK. It'll be something like "donating" after all. And finally, "slow" is a relative term; it is either related to those inefficiencies you're talking about or just another user-based problem. Anyway, it's not a big deal. Even the mobile site was "faster" to me, I would still love to have an app for Mokum. Because FF was my main stop in social media websites and Mokum is a replacement for it, so it should have its own app on my mobile devices. :) ‎· fuck me without a breath
@jeaquares: "2 dollars"? a typo? or were you one of several thousand crowdfunders? What was the total budget for FFhoundroid development? ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette: no no, i guess i shouldn't have had my sentence like that. :) i meant 2 dollars for "app", not crowdfunding. and i said that if an app is developed and charged 2 dollars, i'm already willing to pay and that i think it is not a big deal for most people here. but crowdfunding is a whole other game. since it's software, not hardware; the community may donate to the coder BEFORE the app is released, that means your budget, but after that the app cannot be paid. it should be free on app stores. OR the coder (i don't know what this coder thing is that i keep saying but it's becoming frakin' funny.) may just release the app and it'll be paid on app stores. 2nd scenario is more likely to fail because 1) some people might just say "fuck it" and 2) there will be plenty of pirated versions of that app. if we pay something in the beginning, the coder may actually earn something and it will be a community-backed job. however, there's a glitch in this scenario as well. are we going to prevent people from downloading the app who didn't donate? if so, how are we going to do that? is that even ethical? so many questions to answer. btw, i am posting this from my mobile phone and it's HARD. my eyes hurt. ;_; ‎· fuck me without a breath