I've added experimental "most faved" pages (10+ favs): https://mokum.place/filter/most_faved (your languages, which could be set in settings). There are also per-language pages: https://mokum.place/filter/most_faved/en (English), https://mokum.place/filter/most_faved/ru (Russian), https://mokum.place/filter/most_faved/it (Italian), https://mokum.place/filter/most_faved/tr (Turkish), https://mokum.place/filter/most_faved/fa (Farsi). There is also https://mokum.place/filter/most_faved/all, which is "all languages, including undetected". #mokum-releases
Hidden entries are not visible, which is not in line with the regular Fav behaviour ( /filter/favs shows hidden entries and this is expected, /filter/most_faved doesn't). ‎- ONE CAN ONLY SPECULATE
@edal orgoglio italico ‎- ostelinus
@sseeaann: fixed, thanks. ‎- псы в рапиде
is there an option to subscribe to the most fave pages ? ‎- Pluto in USA
@plutoinusa1: not right now, but yes, best_of and most_faved will have "subscribe" button. Thanks! ‎- псы в рапиде
nice! Thank you ‎- Pluto in USA