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dear @squadette, like NSFW mark for post, I think it's useful the "spoiler" button too.
Spoiler prevention would be very good! ‎· Brixie
While I am not particulary bothered, I think it would be fun and a "original feature" valuable for the its buzz. :-) ‎· Braga
Currently, for spoilers you can use comments, put the actual spoiler somewhere after comment#1, and add enough comments after to cause a collapse ‎· Purple-striped Grabber
@bleys of course we're doing it like this at the moment, but I feel this was a suggestion to have something that can mark the entire post as containing spoilers, so you can see the comments only clicking on them, or opening the post itself. ‎· Brixie
^ exactly ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
^^ ‎· ostelinus
@ostelinus: hi! sorry for the delay, we have our regularly scheduled drama. This is not the first time this feature is requested, so I'll probably implement it someday. Unfortunately, text parser is becoming heavier, so it's not that easy. We can also do SCP-style feature that allows you to ██████████ the ████████, which is quite handy when ████████ ██████. ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette LOL ‎· Brixie