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Did something change in the way Mokum cross-posts to your own feed and to Groups? It seems to me that, before, all I had to do to cross-post was click on the Groups checkbox. But now, if I do that, it unchecks Your Feed. I was looking for things I knew/thought I had cross-posted but they're not in my feed and, since they don't show up in "My discussions," I have no way to find them.
yes, this was changed so that posting to one's own feed in addition to a group must be a deliberate action by the poster. ‎· LibSkrat
^ The reason for the change is that a lot of posters who post to private groups forgot to uncheck "my feed" and cross-posted to public by mistake. ‎· 50% ash
I noticed that and since then I've been trying to remember to check "your feed" before posting. ‎· John B.
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