Your license to use React.js can be revoked if you compete with Facebook - As far as I know Mokum uses React for its user interface :) @squadette did you read this? Are you planning a switch or you simple don't care until it's time? -
@blaster: I don't think that this would apply to Mokum in any way in the foreseeable future. ‎· псы в рапиде
AFAIU it "compete with FB" is just not right, what the license clause really means is "file a patent lawsuit against FB or have a patent lawsuit filed against you by FB" ‎· let's have each other with cream
Understood. Thanks for the informations, I was just curious :) ‎· blaster @ localhost $
o_O ‎· You
now that everything has been cleared, can we have poke on mokum? ‎· ironicmokum
"Are you moking me?" ‎· sober, steady, good provider
^^ Mocha. To "poke" someone you have to buy a cup of mocha. ‎· kmbnrn
Mokemon ‎· blaster @ localhost $