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AHAHAHAH ‎- giuliagatterina
@morloi: il fatto che io la capisca al volo forse non è bene ‎- giuliagatterina
lol ‎- Verguenza
beh, @giuliagatterina, ti identifica come donna ideale (tm) ‎- Morloi Ornitorinco l'ha Ingoiata
@morloi: questo è certo .-) ‎- giuliagatterina
Concordo ‎- Ubikindred
Ubi uomo saggio e intenditore (molta invidia) ‎- Morloi Ornitorinco l'ha Ingoiata
Ahahah <3 ‎- Sarita!
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lol ‎- EGarbuzov
I like princesses who dreams to live in THIS castle. :) It's a biggest porn studio in the world, producing something like 26 (or is it 28? don't remember) of various genres ~40 minutes episodes a week. None of them (as far as I remember from visiting – they do have tours) is about princesses, but I'll talk to one of their project managers tomorrow. Who knows – it might be an interesting idea. :) ‎- earlyadopter
^ being a project manager in a porn studio — what a screwed job must it be! ‎- 9000
Mmm. PM at kink castle. Every work has its downside, but I would give it a try :) ‎- Morloi Ornitorinco l'ha Ingoiata
^^ she left a position at goole for this job! ‎- earlyadopter
^^ uptime, downtime, takoe ‎- Vlad Kaznacheev
<3 morloi, giulia, earlyadopter e tutti quanti ‎- ironicmokum