Volevo dirvi che ho visto con la cucciola treenne Snoopy al cinema e devo dire che han fatto un lavorone. Bravoni davvero, non pensavo.
usti, bellissimo articolo. comunque sì, dal film trapela un grandissimo rispetto e vero amore per i Peanuts. Davvero applausi. ‎- Morloi Ornitorinco l'ha Ingoiata
"Snoopy was particularly challenging. “Because Sparky drew a side view and a front view differently, we had to make each camera angle customizable,” said Dunnigan. From the side, Charlie Brown's best pal has a Picasso look — both of his eyes end up on one side of his head. In a perfectly realized 3D animation of a character, a side view would show you just one eye -– but that wouldn't be Snoopy. Similarly, Charlie Brown’s head distorts when he turns to the side. The ear moves down; the squiggle of hair on the front turns into a little downward curl. A single digital maquette for any of these characters would never work, especially if the team wanted to remain true to the Schulz aesthetic." AWWW ‎- Morloi Ornitorinco l'ha Ingoiata