The Hateful Eight (2015) I never thought I'd ever see a masterpiece by Tarantino that was as good as his Reservoir Dogs, yet here I live and stand corrected, I give this one 8 out of 10, as good as Tarantino gets, with an Ennio Moriconne score as a bonus to enjoy throughout the movie , caution, you're gonna see a lot of blood.
It was too long :( ‎· ardvisoor
it's a western after all, it was engaging enough for me, I'm just sad I couldn't watch it in the cinema, ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
Oh yeah? 8? That's cool, I didn't get to watch it yet but pretty sure I'm gonna watch it ‎· Afarin
Bear in mind that Tarantino is my favorite director, Yet the movie is good I stand by that :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
I enjoyed it! Great movie! ‎· DArA
خون و خونریزی دوست نمی دارم:دی ‎· Aliusha
It's Tarantino after all :D @bedadam ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@aliusha برا همین اون هشدار رو نوشتم :))) گفتم با طناب من تو چاه نری:دی ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
Did you like Django Unchained? ‎· Benny Bucko
I did, less than this one though. ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
That's exciting then because I really liked Django so I'll have to watch this one. Thanks for replying! :) ‎· Benny Bucko
my pleasure :) ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?