and she says to the team afterwards: "Yeah, I definitely meant to do that!" :))
خدایی حرکتو داشتی؟ :)) ‎- پریســــا
I was actually taught that penalty trick by one of my coaches back when I was young and marginally promising :) ‎- Eivind
@eivind: would love to see a gif regarding your penalty trick's execution+perfection! :)) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
I'll see what I can do after the snow's melted :) ‎- Eivind
hope the snow melts soon!! :)) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
رونالدو هم کم میاره مقابل این حرکت :))) ‎- Dr.RoHo
خیلی سخته حرکتش ! :)) ‎- گرگان‌نت (✓)
خودش هم نامتعادل میاد پایین ‎- گرگان‌نت (✓)
@roho، @gorganet (((: بنظرم ایشون قصد نداشت اوضاع به این منوال پیش بره که این گیفه داره میگه که رفت ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
@mqmalik یعنی چی؟ سوتی داده به نظرت؟ ‎- گرگان‌نت (✓)
@gorganet: (: آره مهدی جان نظرم اینه که پاش اشتباهی به توپ خورد ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
@mqmalik: اما نظر من این نیست ! حرکت کاملا نمایشی به نظرم ‎- گرگان‌نت (✓)
@gorganet: (: خب منم فقط نظرمو گفتم، نگفتم که نظرم درسته :) نظرشما بهرحال درست تر بنظر میاد ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
looked like it was a mistake but if she did that on purpose it's sneaky! ‎- Bucamree-3o
@bucamree-3o: I thought it was accidental, she was not supposed to hit the ball with the left foot of hers. :) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
awesome, that girl I mean! :D ‎- iFriend
hilenin kralı...bu da fazla bence ‎- Kurna
@ifriend: I think you were the goalie there, only saw the girl!! :))) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
@9das: I wish I could speak Turkish, thanks for your comment in any case. :) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
looks as if she pulled a homer but I think she totally meant to do that. ‎- GΞШ@LL
I'm a simple man, I see a whooty I upvote!! ;P ‎- PosmoR
@gewall: well, I guess I Cannot+ShouldNot disagree with you!! :D ie; I guess you're right!! :))) @posmor: I always knew you had a perfect reason to press 'like' here!!! :))) You're a gem of a simple person!!! :))) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
@mqmalik: :))) ‎- iFriend
@mqmalik: ach zo!!! hahaha ‎- PosmoR