now we exactly know what Quantum Mechanics is/can be good for! :))
now we also know that this stick is very very special and important! hahahaha ‎- PosmoR
@posmor: you've got a point there!! :)) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
ایول:))))) ‎- پریســــا
@parisa: خیلی سگ باهوشی تشریف دارن ایشون :)))) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
love it!! we have hundreds of reasons to love dogs!! ‎- iFriend
what's up with the right-hand (lower) end of the stick? it simply passes through the green plank? wtf? ‎- billy
@billy: OMG you are right. A ghost stick?? ‎- serdar,ben
shit yes its passing through it ‎- yormayinbeni
@billy: as one of the friends commented earlier, this stick seems to be very special, its extreme/far left side has some supernatural powers of passing through the solid beams presumably! :))) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ