SpeakingOfSelfies! :)
"Say 'Sssssssssssss'" ‎· Eivind
I guess the snake was mindful of the fact that the guy had no idea where he was, or for that matter, what he was doing. it appears it preferred to be nice enough to ignore "Sssssssss" thing. :))) ‎· ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
dis could be da end =) ‎· PosmoR
did the selfie go wrong? :)) ‎· iFriend
Shouldn't the camera be held by the end od the tail? ‎· Count Caturday
خدایی به این میگن سلفی :))) ‎· پریســــا
To be fair, he has a branch between him and the snake, so it's totally safe. ‎· Ken Morley
sir! could you hold my phone and take a selfie for my insssssstagram ‎· özdevi
He's taking his selfie for the inevitable Darwin Award story.... ‎· Spidra Webster
is that u Malik? ‎· ابوتایغر
@abutiger: the cobra or the gentleman? :)) ‎· ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
The tree of course :)))))) ‎· ابوتایغر
@abutiger: well, tbh, none of the 'living things' (or for that matter, non living things) visible to the naked eye in that image there is Masood Qayyum Malik! :)))) ‎· ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
one of the pictures that'll always make you say 'it happens only in India' :))) ‎· Kanga'na