I think they have to jump simultaneously to get on and off this commuting motorbike of theirs! :))
forget everything. this is just perfectly balanced! heheee heheee ‎- GΞШ@LL
:)) ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
ولی ایده جالبیه ها :))))) ‎- پریســــا
((((((: آره :)))) فقط یه دونه دنده ی پرواز کم داره و الا ایرباس هست واسه خودش ‎- ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
#cokiyi ‎- eyfiti
he's clearly a family guy! hahaHA ‎- PosmoR
Pure trust ‎- Ayı
bizim ülkede aynısını eşeğe yapıyorlar bu da ney ‎- adler112
innovative, but definitely very unsafe! ‎- iFriend
^ the speed is not very high and he has too much women anyway ‎- This value is required.
کوئی گھر پہ بھی ہے بھائی؟ :-)) ‎- SaeedVasi
'Buy a bike', they said. 'Girls like it', they said. ‎- як орбитального выпаса