Her name is Pommy, she's my pet bird and she lives without a cage in our home. :)
<3. dish washing time, Pommy? hehehehe ‎· PosmoR
آخی چه گوودووئه :)))) ‎· پریســــا
Posmo, Pommy is always ready to lend a helping hand! :)) ‎· ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
@parisa: اصلن گودووو نیست ایشون، اینقدر شیطونه که چی بگم، شبها رو پنجره ای تو آشپز خونه میشینه و هرگز نمیذاره چراغهای آشپز خونه رو خاموش کنیم :)))) ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌۰ ‎· ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
so cute <3 ‎· Kanga'na
awww, she really is a cute little bird! ‎· GΞШ@LL
پس خود خود گودووئه :))))))))) ‎· پریســــا
گھر میں پلی بڑھی ہے اسی لئےسب سے مانوس ہے :-) ‎· SaeedVasi
Does she know where to shit on? ‎· Monteyn
@monteyn: Pommy has got a hassle-free lifestyle, and enjoys total freedom to defecate wherever and whenever she wants to! :) ‎· ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
@mqmalik: I wish I was also living this whole "to shit on wherever I want" level of freedom just like Pommy, Malik :'( I assume The Beatles recorded the song "Free as a Bird" predicting Pommy's lifestyle in your home. Now I get why they're called a timeless band. ‎· Monteyn
that's an adorable pet birdy. ‎· Ultrafixutre
@monteyn: I'm glad that your assumption seemingly took, for the least, you to getting the reason behind 'The Beatles' being called a timeless band. :) ‎· ‌ ‌ma∟ıĸ
she is so cute ‎· Jasmine