Hello everyone! Sorry if I intrude -- I have chosen one of the biggest groups. Please, help me! Where in Istanbul can I buy Mövenpick-ice cream?
No idea? :( ‎- ангел-красотун
what makes it special? we could suggest any other equivalent of it...- I don't know where to buy btw- ‎- aralık
You can find them in some of the Migros&Macro Centers. I suggest lera fresca though. ‎- Monteyn
^^ it's really special. right now i miss this sort (with walnut): https://www.moevenpick-icecream.com/gourmet-icecreams/maple-w... ‎- ангел-красотун
looks yummy ‎- aralık
^^^ thank you! Where is 'lera fresca'? there is no Mövenpick ice cream in Migros/Kadıköy ‎- ангел-красотун
it's truly yummy, yes ) ‎- ангел-красотун
derdini sikeyim ‎- Gwen