Is there a fifth estate?
A collection of properties -- many of which include golf courses. ‎· Julian ‎· 2
No fb, I meant bass player, not ass player.
Riiiiiight ‎· orgmonkey ‎· 3
Players only love you when they're playing. ‎· Micah ‎· 1
This is what is known as a double dog party.
Update. The kid has applied to three colleges in Colorado, has been accepted to one of them (which is a fallback school academically, but I think he would enjoy going there and learn lots of stuff.) One of the three, we are waiting on two recommendation letters from teachers, so he has not 100% finished with the application, but he has done his part.
The i70 cut through in co. Note: someone else took the pic.
Another achievement unlocked. Filled out the FAFSA for the kid.
Very windy today. Some of the props blew over on the way to the competition, but they stayed put during the performance.
This conversation so far is a guy just talking for the last 20+ minutes.
Yay, he gave us 7 mins to chat with each other... ‎· Joe
Getting closer to helping Grandma Trish (AKA T-mom) get Medicaid and find a nice assisted living place. This is hard work guys.
yeah, it really is. strength to you and yours. ‎· LibSkrat
Yes, it is. Good on you for working on it. ‎· Catherine
Power to you, Joe. ‎· orgmonkey
Thanks. We had some encouraging meetings the last two days. ‎· Joe ‎· 2
Livin' vicariously through the successes of my son. I also got a new internship this fall, so I should be finishing up my class work soon for my teaching ed license. So there's that.
so glad you're going to be teaching, Joe!! ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn
Hey, it is the First of September.
@cpellegr thought your kid might like my shirt today... they are hard to take selfies with.
AWESOME. ‎· Catherine
Hey, I got one of my eclipse pics on the front cover of the newspaper in Arnold, NE. Nevermind that they misspelled my last name due to a friend error. Oh well.
Saw that the Kronk had a locked down article (that I didn't/couldn't read) about how libraries are not saving money by going to more electronic resources. Are faculty still surprised by this?
Or, is it saying something slightly different? The lead I saw seem to indicate that was the direction the article headed. ‎· Joe
Faculty are DEFINITELY still surprised by this, just like ebook aficionados who just caaaaaaaan't understand why ebooks cost so much. (FIRST-COPY COSTS: STILL A THING.) ‎· LibSkrat
@pete as one matures, one finds that one may need reading glasses to read ones reading material. (I'm pretending to look down at reading material. My eyes are not closed.)
Brace yourselves...
UNSUBSCRIBE ‎· kaijsa ‎· 5
Just an eclipse photo I took in Arnold, NE. Just glad I think I have some images good enough to submit to
That. Was. Awesome.
Ok. Here is team Kraus in North Platte. Hope we get clear skies tomorrow in the central-ish Nebraska region. (The kid is staying in Denver to go to water world and then school on Monday to see the partial.)
The DMV was actually ok.
Glad to hear. Coming up on my license renewal. ‎· LibSkrat
I've got to go too -- and i can get a REAL ID. Assuming i can find all the documents needed - including official marriage / name change certificate. ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn ‎· 1
Anyone up for a game of Leisure Suit Larry?
Check with the Internet Archive to make sure they have a working copy. That's game history, that is. Unfortunately. ‎· LibSkrat ‎· 1
My parents figured that if we could figure out the commands to access the game, we could play it. It was a very memorable way to learn about the consequences of unsafe sex along with the thrill of gambling. ‎· Galadriel ‎· 5
Flying to Madison today. Will be picking up and packing up Mom this week. This starts another chapter in my life. Wondering if I could make her a social media star.
*waves* how long will you be in town? ‎· LibSkrat
The pleasure was all mine. ‎· Joe ‎· 1
My kid just did what I've always wanted to do. He built his own computer from parts. Should be a kickass gaming pc.
Was there any use of RGB lighting? ‎· Julian ‎· 3
One of the fans has blue lighting. ‎· Joe ‎· 1
A budding enthusiast. ‎· Julian
now overclock! ‎· Invernomuto ‎· 2
He probably doesn't need to do that. He got a solid gaming video card which should handle the games he wants to play for a while. But it only has 3 gigs of video ram instead of 8 like his friend has. ‎· Joe
Nude hiking day! Wife says it would take a LOT of sunscreen, especially here in CO.
No comments yet??? ‎· Joe
If you do that, watch out for eagles: (I have no idea if that's a legitimate source or not, but it's been going around birding Twitter.) ‎· John B. ‎· 2
oh hell naw. there are some places I do NOT want mosquitoes getting to. ‎· LibSkrat ‎· 2
If nude was natural I wouldn't have been born in a three-piece suit. ‎· Micah