I've never bought a car, they've always been given to me as hand-me-downs. Right now I'm driving the 1992 Honda Civic I got in college. Today, however, we are going to go test drive a new car. I'm beyond excited, and a little nervous. #SaturdayFF
How did it go? What did you drive? ‎- Kirsten
we went to test the 2016 civic coupe but it doesn't come out until march! gotta go back then. ‎- orgmonkey
Oh. Yeah, that would make it a wee bit difficult! ‎- Kirsten
from a 1992 Civic to a 2016 Civic? Sweet! You will need some time to prepare for that transition! :-) ‎- StephanieCogSciLibrarian
oh, definitely - the back up camera alone takes adjusting to! ‎- ellbeecee
and keyless entry! A friend had to 'splain that to me. I couldn't figure it out on my own!! ‎- StephanieCogSciLibrarian
The technology in new cars is amazing. I love having Bluetooth. ‎- jsholman
back up camera! keyless entry! bluetooth! can't wait. ‎- orgmonkey
Oooh! Sounds fantastic! ‎- Galadriel
Keyless entry is MY FAVORITEST THING EVER. I only wish my car had had it when J was an infant/toddler. ‎- Catherine
Will live a transition from shift-stick to automatic I guess ‎- haypat
It's March! It's March! ‎- bentley
Just did a test drive. It's the one! Will buy it next week. :) <3 ‎- orgmonkey
Woo hoo! ‎- Jennifer D.
*Kermit flail!* ‎- bentley
Yaaay! ‎- Kirsten
Awesome! ‎- Botty McBottface
Did you get the Civic hybrid? My parents and my brother/SIL both have Civic hybrids. I might be a little jealous, but my time will come. ‎- Jilli
Does it just have keyless entry, or does it have keyless ignition, too? With the keyless ignition, there's one secret that dealers often forget to share with you: If you ever actually need the key (for instance, if your battery is dead), it's actually hidden inside the remote. ‎- Mr. Noodle
Most importantly, what color is it? :) ‎- jsholman
Here's the one: http://automobiles.honda.com/civic-coupe (EX-T, because I like to drive fast :)). It will be "lunar silver," which is a light gray. I think it has both keyless entry and ignition; that is a very good tip about where the key actually is. I don't know how all this new-fangled car stuff works. ‎- orgmonkey
Oooo! That's pretty. ‎- Jilli
Me likey ... (even if it isn't a Ford... *kicks rocks*) ‎- MoTO Babycakes
My other car is a Ford, Babycakes. ‎- orgmonkey
*swoons* ‎- MoTO Babycakes
What she said! ‎- Julian
New car smell! Got it last night. ‎- orgmonkey