Shoot, I think this cough may be a food allergy reaction.
:-( Any idea what? ‎- Kirsten
:( ‎- ellbeecee
:-( ‎- John B.
Tapioca balls in a boba. Reacts like a latex allergy. Trying to decide if I need to go to ER. Took allergy pill, sipping cool water. ‎- orgmonkey
Apparently, it is a thing. "Allergy to cassava: a new allergenic food with cross-reactivity to latex." 2007 article J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol. ‎- bentley
^^^ Open Access FTW. Tx for finding this article. ‎- orgmonkey
:-) ‎- bentley
*crosses fingers for pill working* And yes, yay for OA! ‎- Kirsten
Wait what? Tapioca aggravates latex allergy? I don't... oh, no reason. .. just let me, uh. .. *checks lube stash labels* ‎- t-ra
shiiiiiiit, how are you feeling? ‎- Meg Vmeg
Like moist dog food. At least I'm breathing easier now. My throat's tender. ‎- orgmonkey
Hope the reaction has stopped and you are on the mend - allergies are scary. ‎- jsholman
:-( I hope all is well now! ‎- Galadriel