Whoa, Huge News. Huge. News.
This election year just got ever so much more...something. Ridiculous doesn't even begin to cover it. ‎· Kirsten
holy shit ‎· Meg Vmeg
What, is it Scalia? ‎· стрёмный пустой фидик
yes, yes, Scalia. ‎· orgmonkey
Hopeful. So hopeful. ‎· Steph@n1eCogSc1L1br@r1@n
What developments had he held off? ‎· стрёмный пустой фидик
And things just got a whole lot more interesting. ‎· jsholman
So far my favorite result of this has been the arrival of the absolute wingnuts who are SO DAMN SURE that Obama had Scalia murdered just so he could put a third justice on the bench. ‎· Soup
^^^ ‎· orgmonkey
Apparently Scalia was on a quail hunting trip when he died. Obama controls the quails, people! I REPEAT, OBAMA CONTROLS THE QUAILS! ‎· Soup
Wait! Dan Quayle was involved????? ‎· k8s
I was wondering what he's been up to lately. ‎· Jilli
Has anyone questioned the quail? ‎· orgmonkey
Actually, now that you mention it, yes, yes they have. ;-) https://medium.com/@fullfrontalsamb/the-death-of-antonin-scal... ‎· ronin
@ronin this made my day. ‎· orgmonkey