Shit I DON'T want to deal with today: (please add your own things to this list)
Figuring out which resources will be counted in our counts of e-journal, database, e-book, e-journal AND database, e-book AND database, e-book AND e-journals. Also, we forgot to make a code for video. ‎· orgmonkey
new figurehead coming to meeting later so i have to Look Sharp and Be Smart. ‎· orgmonkey
making sure that upcoming Research Day is all finalized because it can't possibly be. ‎· orgmonkey
sending out the email requesting permanent coverage for the chat shifts of the staff person who has submitted her resignation. Mostly because I don't want to answer questions (it's not a bad departure, just will be surprising to people) ‎· ellbeecee
Also, finishing my self evaluation documents (due yesterday but bossman gave me until Friday. But that still means I need them done by the end of the day tomorrow because after that there's No Time) ‎· ellbeecee
^^^ Ooh, self evals are The. Worst. ‎· orgmonkey
Begging people to develop first-year seminar courses. And then also begging people who have developed FYS courses to actually offer them. Seriously, I'm at the point of begging here. ‎· Catherine
All of the reports I need to write/generate in the next two weeks because people doing self studies couldn't be arsed to warn us a little further in advance. ‎· Kirsten
Taking the garbage to the curb because there are some icy spots on our driveway and I'm not exactly sure-footed. ‎· Jilli
The g-d "faculty accomplishments" citation list/formatting. ‎· Anna C.
Grading. ‎· LibSkrat
ALMA transition files ‎· Courtney F
Meeting minutes (for two different meetings). FML. ‎· Stephen Francoeur
Laundry. I wish I had something more interesting but honestly, this is the bane of my existence right now. I need to buy my own washer/dryer. ‎· Abby
Writing chargeback defenses. ‎· April
Dealing with the procurement person who is supposed to be helping with the RFP for a Serials agent. The whole thing has been a string of frustrations from Purchasing telling us we had to get started last August, but then didn't assign a procurement agent until November to the draft scope of work provided that was so riddled with typos and errors (e.g. "renal" instead of "renewal") that I ended up rewriting the whole thing. ‎· Galadriel
Big life decisions. ‎· jsholman
Talk more about this, @jsholman ? ‎· orgmonkey
Nothing too ominous! I've been at MPOW for 16 years and not sure I have much else to give; my kids are in/nearly in college, and feeling the need to be closer to aging parents. It's comfortable here though, so on days like yesterday I just don't want to think about big life changes. ‎· jsholman
On a project and held back by managers from doing things that would be truly useful for the end user. ‎· Christina Pikas