It's 4:20 on 4/20 here in Cali, and I'm stuck at work.
My 17yo was trying to explain 420 to me tonight. Because, wow, I am so out of it :) ‎- jsholman
I just realized what "four score" means. ‎- псы в рапиде
^^ ha! ‎- orgmonkey
I was stuck in Europe. The date is NEVER 4/20 here, and the clock is only 4:20 just before the buttcrack of dawn! ‎- Eivind
@eivind: You are a veritable band name generator, sir ‎- MoTO Babycakes
That, or an X-rated movie ‎- Graf Schwanz vom Berg
@barrywynn: ^___^ ‎- Eivind