Do you have any Must-Sees to recommend to me in any of these four cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow (Scotland), Belfast, Dublin (Ireland)?
Edinburgh - the royal mile (which will be virtually impossible to not interact with on some level) and the castle (I particularly advise you to look up as several rooms have some snazzy detailing in the woodwork near the ceilings) ‎· Soup
Dublin - reports are mixed on the value of seeing the Book of Kells. I was underwhelmed, some people felt it was TOTALLY worth it ‎· Soup
Edinburgh: If you enjoy completely bonkers architecture, Calton Hill is a nice place to take a picnic lunch and boggle. Holyrood Palace is pretty sweet (the bog-oak throne by itself is worth the price of admission), especially the ruined abbey at the end of the tour. Near that is Arthur's Seat if you're up for a good climb. Botanical Gardens are extensive and have LOTS of birds. Can you tell Edinburgh is my favorite city in Europe? ‎· LibSkrat
I was in Edinburgh many years ago but only for about 24 hours and I loved it. I hope to go back someday and see it properly. ‎· bentley
I've been to Dublin but it was on a group tour and I didn't have a chance to get out on my own much. If you can get out of Dublin to Newgrange THAT is worth seeing, boy howdy yes it is. Went to Edinburgh with C lo these many years ago and loved it but don't have anything like the detailed knowledge that LibSkrat has. Arthur's Seat is a *climb* -- I couldn't do it, and I was in reasonably good shape; I still can't figure out why. ‎· Catherine
You might have gone up the Extra-Special Steep way (basically straight up) instead of the Walk Up The Long Slope Which Is Still Steep But Not Completely Vertical way. ‎· LibSkrat
I did nothing but walk 'round the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and I loved it. However, if I were to return I'd be sure to hit the New Town (for Georgian architecture) and the Edinburgh Botanic Garden. If it hadn't burned down, I'd have recommended The Glasgow School of Art. :(( As it is, check out any of the work by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his oft-ignored wife Margaret McDonald. In Dublin, the National Museum and the National Library are right next to each other. The buildings themselves are beautiful, especially the mosaic floor. Kilmainham Jail is where the British occupiers jailed any uppity Irishmen and -women. It's worth seeing as an example of a panopticon-type prison. I've never been to Belfast, but if I were to go I'd be interested in visiting the places where folks try to learn Irish (Gaelic). Because of its association with Republicanism, people are actually more enthused about learning Irish in Northern Ireland than in the Republic of Ireland. Kids in the RoI have been forced to learn it, which means they mostly hate it. There are , of course, tons of political murals in both the Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods but I'd want to really check things out ahead of time to make sure I didn't fall afoul of touchy political situations. Game of Thrones is filmed in Belfast quite a bit so there may be GoT-themed things to do as well as Titanic-themed things to do there. I did Edinburgh and Dublin in 2008. ‎· Spidra Webster
I like reading all this stuff! Anybody else want to share? ‎· orgmonkey
nthing the Royal Mile. ‎· bentley