And this is for your daily harmonica fix:
Shopping for wood enriches one's vocabulary as well as one's feel of the language. You might be able to guess that Bocote, Jobillo, or Quina are wood species, but what about Chakte Viga? What about Chechen?
Hormigo, Osage, Cebil, Bubinga, Shedua, Zapote. ‎· Valera Fooksman
Tigre Caspi and Madre Cacao. ‎· Valera Fooksman
Zebrawood, Leopardwood, and Bloodwood. ‎· Valera Fooksman
Ехал Эль Греко через эль-реку
Видит Эль Греко в эль-реке эль-рак ‎· Valera Fooksman
Сунул Эль Греко эль-руку в эль-реку ‎· Valera Fooksman
Эль-рак за эль-руку Эль Греко эль-цап ‎· Valera Fooksman
New words: "distinguishion" from a work doc; "destinesia" from a podcast ("when you enter a room and completely forget why you came here in the first place")
Umm, what is this black magic with a word in the post becoming an attached picture that doesn't quite show on click? ‎· Valera Fooksman ‎· 3
Have you been copy/pasting, sir? No drag and dropping too? ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev
I might have copy/pasted from PowerPoint... ‎· Valera Fooksman
@oxfv: here you go ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev
Я просто оставлю это здесь ‎· Дониматрикс ‎· 1
Why is it colorblind when it obviously has to be colorblound?
Nevermind me, I'm loaded on oyster shots right now. ‎· Valera Fooksman
2nd grader: "All girls in my class use me as a pillow! Except for Dasha, she uses me as a blanket."
success_kid.jpg ‎· Long story short ‎· 2
А Гослинг нынче в Амазоне работает.
И то. В Гугле-то уже поработал. ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev ‎· 1
^ Да, это наш стиль. Подбираем, что Гуглу не нужно. ‎· Valera Fooksman
Тот момент, когда (снова) понимаешь, что Псой ближе Щербакова.
The names of coworkers keep delivering. Encountered one with two "j" together.
Khajjit has wares... ‎· Count Caturday ‎· 5
Like jj abrams? ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev
^ Huh, didn't think of that. No, the name is Ujjwal, and don't ask me how to pronounce it. ‎· Valera Fooksman
^ Тщетно! (Now transliterate this word, imagine a last name based on it.) ‎· 9000 ‎· 1
From an introductory email of a new Russian-speaking colleague: "I'm an armature musician".
Но нет, играет не на флейте, а на баяне. ‎· Valera Fooksman
From a work email: "Jesus, Valera, please let me know if the above fulfills the requirements". This is not an exasperated plea: we have someone named Jesus on an adjacent team, that's all. By the way, Jesus is in Japan. He works with clients.
Apparently "tryharding" is a word. That's what Google is doing at phones right now. Someone even loves it.
Гмар хатима, товарищи.
Индид! ‎· Long story short
@linorg Ребенок требует читать ему Слона Мартина по второму разу. А я что, я с удовольствием.
:))) ужасно приятно. ‎· Свинолюбивый гергесинец
"Какой у твой машины номер?" - "Х/з"
Yesterday an enormous eucalyptus tree fell across the road in a few blocks from our house no more than two minutes after I drove there. M., who came home 10 minutes after me, was already redirected to a detour. Which means that she missed it by about as much as I.
Also, I saw Nord-Ost two weeks before the last show. ‎· Valera Fooksman ‎· 1
I distinctly remember posing this exact question to my parents when I was like 8 or 10. I even used the same color in my question. I even remember where we were at the moment (waiting at a bus stop near Sosnovka on the way home from a party), which makes this one of the precious few surviving memories of the childhood. Needless to say, I still have no answer.
Me neither ‎· shalapanova
^ Неяглов косплеит 9000 ‎· тряся седыми пирожными
Говорят, Зарядье проектировали те же чуваки, которые делали High Line в Нью-Йорке. Между тем, если кто не в курсе, High Line - это такой архитектурный салют людям нетрадиционной ориентации, о чем они там в High Line звонят на каждом углу. Что же это получается, прямо под стенами Кремля приютили злейших абоминантов? А они, значит, теперь будут откусывать от православия по кусочку? И когда уже паства пойдет на нечестивцев с вилами и хоругвями?
А, так теперь всё понятно. Под видом парка гей-масоны пытались установить в Сердце Москвы нейтрализатор некроэнергии, которую генерирует Зиккурат с хранящимся в нём Терафимом. Но православно-коммунистическая энергия Зиккурата победила и стала разрушать коварный нож в Сердце Родины. ‎· dixi ‎· 16
^Я там был 3 месяца назад. Специальные таблички в деталях рассказывают о подробностях, и флаги торчат повсюду. Гуглеж "high line nyc lgbt" дает вполне исчерпывающее представление. ‎· Valera Fooksman
Чеченский террорист Король Камбэков
Seems like they closed the Russian Consulate in SF. Well, so much for me visiting mother Russia in future. Unless it will be possible to renew passport by mail.
How dare you write "his/her", this is so misogynist and sexist to put "his" before "her"! Are you saying that whatever you're writing about is primarily "his", and only secondarily, much like an afterthought, "her"?
So five people liked the comment "being a conservative is a mental issue" to a post about a boy who killed himself, and besides, he was a conservative. You brave sarcastic wicked-smart edgy cynic modern people, I hope you realize that you're, what do they call it, scum. I'm glad I don't know any of you.
First suicide in Gunn High this school year, on the FIRST day of school. The guy was a senior, a conservative, have been bullied for that (but it's not clear whether this was the reason). No apparent mental issues, no excessive parental pressure (which is mostly an asian thing, and he was white). Two younger siblings, one of them starting in Gunn this year. What a horrible life to live he left to his parents and siblings. Fuck.
:( ‎· DS
charlottesville or death, fuckers ‎· no lives matter ‎· 3
TIL a term "torso query".
Torque for short? ‎· Count Caturday
Not sure if it needs shortening. But to elaborate: there are "head queries" (the popular ones). There are "tail queries" (obscure ones). And then there are torso queries, those that are between the first two. ‎· Valera Fooksman
How about "below the waist" queries? ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev ‎· 2
^ Snake has no waist. ‎· Valera Fooksman ‎· 2
Goddamit, Randal hits below the belt again, this time with a hover text to xkcd:1875: "It's hard to train deep learning algorithms when most of the positive feedback they get is sarcastic".
Would it kill you to put "xkcd:" before the number? ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev ‎· 1
Fine, fine. I hate custom protocols. ‎· Valera Fooksman