Well, we're a target of a blatant identity theft.
As in, a black woman with fake driver's license with Masha's name and number but the fraud's picture walks into various banks and stores and attempts to withdraw money or make a purchase. ‎· Valera Fooksman
So far she succeeded only in Macy's I think, to the tune of a handful of thousands of dollars in jewelry, and it's going to be Macy's loss. But still. ‎· Valera Fooksman
She was caught on Wells Fargo's security camera, we'll see if it is by any chance someone we might know. ‎· Valera Fooksman
The reason to suspect the latter is that she also knows my SSN, although she doesn't know some basic stuff like Masha's birthday. ‎· Valera Fooksman
She's also reasonably local: the attempts were made in Concord and San Francisco. ‎· Valera Fooksman
охуеть ‎· earlyadopter