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Any other self-care or support resources I ought to put in the course site? (general types are fine, then I'll check what we have locally)


That's a pretty good list. I'd be hesitant to make it much longer. If there's a bias/hate reporting tool, I might consider adding that, as well as sexual-harassment/sexual-assault resources. If alcohol is a serious problem on your campus, maybe something around that? (I'm a Sconnie; alcohol is almost always tops on the problem list here.)

 ‎· LibSkrat 1

Good ideas, thank you!

 ‎· rachelw

Any opioid or addiction resources? I assume the SHS would be a start

 ‎· hedgielib

Oooh. Did not think of addiction issues. Did add the page for reporting sexual harassment/assault and a link to a collected set of other campus resources (daycare, dental hygiene clinic, etc.).

 ‎· rachelw 1

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