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How to Hustle Kindle Unlimited - "if a scam author publishes a book filled with nonsense (maybe a mishmash of a few thousand randomly picked pages from public domain websites), but then includes a link at the front that takes a Kindle Unlimited reader to the last page, Amazon will register that as if the user has “read” the entire book and pay the author for thousands of pages of reading that never took place." http://observer.com/2016/04/how-amazon-kindle-unlimited-scamm...
"The truth is, the scam doesn’t cost Amazon money. It decides how big the Kindle Unlimited payout will be every month. Downloading bogus books might mildly irritate Kindle Unlimited subscribers, but it doesn’t cost them anything either. As long as subscribers keep their subscriptions, Amazon keeps making money and the scam doesn’t cut into the company’s earnings. In the long run, though, if too many authors quit adding good content to the pool [because they're crowded out by scam books] and too many readers find [the pool] polluted, that could change." ‎· bentley
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