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GEORGE ELIOT: A PISSED PARADOX by Amy Watkins https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/george-eliot-a-pissed-par...
"First of all, you should know that I love Middlemarch. A lot. To the point where I resist re-reading it because I’m convinced that I won’t find the same magic in it again, even though I always do. It’s the book that keeps on giving, really, because you find something new in it at every age." ‎· maitani
"You should also know that Middlemarch has long been considered one of the best novels in English ever written. George Eliot does many things with this book that are nothing short of genius, and the people who spend their time thinking about these things (I always picture an oak-paneled board room full of old white men, though hopefully that demographic has changed significantly) have taken notice." ‎· maitani
"Even so, I think George Eliot should be pissed off." ‎· maitani
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