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I was super excited when my hold for Morgue by Di Maio came in, because it was supposed to be about the objective (I know) science behind the autopsies in some famous cases. In the first chapter, he talks about reviewing the autopsy for Trayvon Martin. Talks about protesters as "race-baiters" and agitators. The dude has no idea how much his bias is showing. Part of me doesn't want to finish the book, but I also want to see where else his biases come through.
Ugh. I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to finish the book after reading that part. It would be interesting to see is the bias is that intense throughout and if there are clues to see where the bias comes from. ‎· Galadriel
You'd think an editor might have flagged that... :( ‎· hedgielib
@hedgielib: Popular science/memoir title, so perhaps s/he wouldn't have. Or, if this guy is as full of himself as he seems, it might not have made a difference. ‎· k8s
@gchilton: It isn't as intense in a couple other chapters I've read, but if you're paying attention to language, there are some word choices can color readers' perceptions of the people and the cases he's discussing. ‎· k8s