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A Colossal ‘Fatberg’ Clogging London's Sewer Is Ten Times Bigger Than the Last One "A so-called “fatberg”—a tightly congealed mass of fat, wet wipes, diapers, and condoms—is blocking a section of London’s Victorian-era sewage network. It could take weeks for utility crews to remove the horrific mass, which, if not removed, could cause raw sewage to spill onto London’s streets."


Oh, you're not supposed to dump fat, oil or grease down the drain? I did not know that.

 ‎· ronin 1

I saw this float by in reddit, pardon the pun, I think it's not only the the people/food industry that are dumping fat down the sink/drains, but also the fats on plates after a meal it all adds up. But this is pretty gross.

 ‎· Halil

How does it get that big? Nobody sees it growing? Seems to me they need to inspect those tunnels a bit more often. Yeah, I know they don't have the manpower, but is there some automated flow-meter that could notice that the flow is way down and could maybe alert the inspectors?

 ‎· bentley 2

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