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Looking @ our company's "benefit" policy for next year, new parents now get 5 days maternity/paternity leave. And it has to be taken all @ the same time & w/in 6 months of birth. A few days ago received an email from a colleague in Sweden reminding us that he will soon be heading off to his paternity leave. For 6 months.



 ‎· Jennifer D.

Must be nice to be able to have decent health coverage because you're a citizen and not because you have a job.

 ‎· ronin 5

Yeah, it just makes me angry (even as someone who will likely never be in a position to need it) that we can't seem to figure this shit out as a country. So many things about health care should be a no brainer, and we tackle them with no brain (or heart.)

 ‎· Jennifer D. 3

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