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Indian Police Force Thief To Eat Over 40 Bananas As Punishment http://www.weirdasianews.com/2016/01/11/indian-police-force-t...
"During the pursuit, he swallowed the chain, hoping to conceal his crime. Moments later, the police caught him. After denying he was guilty, officers took him to the hospital for x-rays, which revealed the chain in his stomach. After administering two enemas without success, doctors suggested surgery to retrieve the stolen jewelry. After learning the surgery would cost over $500, police officers changed tactics and went to a local market. They purchased 48 bananas which they proceeded to feed to the criminal throughout the day. According to Senior Inspector Shankar Dhanavade, after consuming all the bananas, the perpetrator passed the necklace. Authorities made him retrieve the jewelry from the toilet and clean and disinfect it before returning it to its rightful owner. The thief faces up to three months in jail." ‎· ronin
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