Pizza Waffles Taste as Good as They Look
"Time to dust off your neglected waffle maker—or go buy one. Pizza waffles are a convenient way to indulge your homemade pizza cravings in about 10 minutes." ‎· ronin
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I'm confused: is this thing supposed to look good? ‎· Andrea Tassi
I would probably take a different approach to doing something like this, starting with any muffin or quickbread recipe that will lend itself well to a savory dish. I'd make "normal" waffles using the batter, then top it with the sauce and cheese, then either nuke it or bake it till the cheese was melted. Suitable waffles can also be made ahead of time and frozen, so you'll have them on hand for a quick lunch or snack. An interesting variation I can think of off the top of my head would involve making waffles from corn bread batter, topping with salsa and either cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese. ‎· April