Dog goes out to pee, accidentally runs half-marathon, comes 7th.
I think this is legit? Seems kinda Onion-y. =) ‎· ronin
The site seems like a British version of Buzzfeed... so maybe legit but sort of sketchy. ‎· John B.
What a good boy! Legit or not, JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE! ‎· MoTO Babycakes
Metro is a free paper, distributed on public transport. From the Daily Mail stable. Make of these what you will ;) ‎· Pete Smith
Moto +1 <3 ‎· Pea Bukowski
This story made our local TV news. ‎· jltrdms-Janet
Metro used to be a semi-decentish free paper distrubuted mainly on the undergound, but since it hit the web it has become rather less credible filled with unstubstantiated stories and no original source; most of the submitters are free-lancers whose stories sometimes turnout to be complete pish posh! ‎· Halil
there are a lot more pictures in the linked runner's world, though. Sounds legit ‎· Christina Pikas