For the First Time in Recorded History, Someone Was Killed by a Meteorite
"The world's longest odds came into play for a Mr. V. Kamaraj on Saturday as he crossed the campus of Bharathidasan Engineering College in Tamil Nadu, India, and became the first person in recorded history to have been killed by a meteorite. The stone essentially exploded as it fell, shattering the glass in cars and windows and severely injuring Kamaraj, who later died." ‎· ronin
D: ‎· Jennifer D.
I'm sort of surprised it hasn't happened at least once before. ‎· John B.
I know, right? Earth has vastly more unpopulated regions than we would initially believe I guess. ‎· ronin
I'm guessing it is the "recorded" part that's key - there might be other times, but it wasn't recorded, or it was called something else. ‎· Jennifer D.
I heard them talking on the radio about this on the way home. They interviewed an expert and he said there are a number of documented cases of people being injured by meteorites. However, I didn't hear the part where this is supposed to be the first time in recorded history that someone was killed by one. ‎· Spidra Webster
Oh wow. ‎· Stephen Mack
It sounds like they're still investigating if it was a meteorite: ‎· John B.
NASA thinks it probably wasn't a meteorite: ‎· John B.