This looks nice ‎· rodfather
It's missing feed import functionality although there are some existing hacks using other sites to bring in Twitter and stuff. ‎· ronin
Heh that's fine for me. I just miss a place to post random thoughts and selfies. ‎· rodfather
Then this place should work fine. It's still a bit slower paced than previously though. ‎· ronin
So this started around a month ago? ‎· rodfather
Well the site's been around for longer than that but a month or so ago's when the old FF folk started to gather. ‎· ronin
Is there a bookmarklet? ‎· rodfather
I don't think there is. But if you paste a link into the posting textbox and hit the middle Share button it tries to extract the title and an image or two from the link. Doesn't work all the time though. And sometimes you have to wait awhile before it does something (or fails to do something). ‎· ronin