The Hot New Trend in New York City Is Eating out of a Bowl
Next step: utensils! ;-p ‎- ronin
There's a place around the corner from where I work that has been doing "bowls" for a few years. So NYC finally caught up to an insipid California trend. Which I'm sure we stole from someone else. I went to the place one time with my trainer because she was going on about how great it was. I walked across the street to Subway and got a footlong instead. ‎- Hookuh Tinypants
I feel the same way I did when "bone broth" became all the rage. ‎- Jennifer D.
I *still* miss the Heaping Bowl in Atlanta (mostly for an excuse to eat a bowl full of mashed potatoes...), and that place closed nearly a decade ago ‎- rachelw
I should open a place and teach the world how wonderful it is to eat from glass pie plates. :D ‎- April
I've been eating occasional non-salad, non-soup meals out of bowls for a long time. Sometimes it just makes more sense that way. ‎- John B.
I prefer bowls. When I have take-out at my friend's, she grabs a plate for herself and a bowl for me. ‎- bentley
Next step is old pasta sauce or salsa jars. ‎- Jenny H.
In college, there was a local restaurant famous for serving drinks in jelly jars and Mason jars. Waiting for that to become hip. ‎- bentley
Mason jars have definitely been a thing. There was a "moonshine" and bbq bar down the street from me in Nashville that served in Ball jars. ‎- rachelw
Po' Folks was doing the Mason jars thing back in the 70's and 80's. That was the only reason I liked going there as a kid. LOL ‎- Hookuh Tinypants